Joensuun Latu 2021

Joensuun Latu is an organization promoting outdoor activities. It is a regional club operating mainly in Joensuu area. We cooperate closely with other clubs and organizations. We have more than 2300 members.

Our summer activities include trekking/kayaking/cycling/trail running

winter time skiing both off track and on ski trails/snow shoe walking/trekking/skating on lake ice

We also have a fair collection of trekking equipment for the use of our members, for example tents, rucksacks, storm cookers, canoes and winter equipment like snow shoes, back country skis and telemark skis, ski poles, pulkas at very reasonable cost.

Membership fee for students 13 euros for year 2021

COVID19 For everyone´s health: Keep 1,5 m distance from others, minimise physical contacts and practice good hand hygiene.



6.-7.2 and 13.-14.2. Moomin ski school for kids at the Lykynlampi sports centre.

Admission fee 20 euros (members), 30 euros (non-members). If interested, contact Eija Sollo for more information,

20.2. Snowshoe walk in Paihola 

Meeting in Paihola, Niemenkartanontie 4 parking place. Clothing suitable for outdoors. Duration 2-3 hrs. For more information, contact Arja,

27.-28.2. Tour skating in Linnansaari National Park 

18 km trail Oravi-Järvisydän. Carpool, accomodation Oravi Apartments, trail fee 8 euros/day. For more information, contact Katri Tiainen,



6.3. Skiing by the rapids of Ruunaa, Lieksa CANCELLED

Carpool ride to Ruunaa and enjoy the beautiful,unforgettable rapids of Ruunaa. Participation fee for Joensuun Latu members 15 euros + carpool cost. Take membership card with you. Sign up by 28.2. at the latest to Pentti,

6.3. An evenig ski with headlamps on the lake Pyhäselkä CANCELLED

Starting points from Linnunlahti and Aavaranta towads the island Pyhäsaari, some 10 km from Joensuu. In the island is going to be a fire by the shelter from 18.00 to 20.00. Joensuun Latu website is giving more information. Follow also local weather forecast. For further information, contact Hannu,

7.3. A ski trip on the lake Pyhäselkä CANCELLED

Several skiing trails and distance on the lake Pyhäselkä. (the map can be seen on the website of Latu Follow also local weather forecast. For further information, contact Hannu,

9.3. Welcome to learn basics of cross country skiing at Laulurinne-area in Joensuu free of charge. Starting point  at 14.00 lasting about 1½-2 hours.Because of the current Corona situation, we can take only 8 participants. Registration by email at the latest 4.3. We will need information of your height and phone number. Carita Lindsberg , +358 44 357 4661, Pilvi Tapio, +358 44 982 9654

10.3. Learn to ski in Moomin style

We teach children skiing skills with play, mental image and learn different techniques to ski.  No fee, the number of children 15, sign up one week before by email,

19.-21.3. A weekend off track skiing trip in Patvinsuo National Park CANCELLED

We´ll have 2-3 trips approx. 10 km/day depending on the overnight stays - shelter, tent or a rental hut. Clothing suitable for outdoors, off track skis and sleeping bag  or similar. Carpool cost and possible logding cost in a rental hut. For further information, contact Juha,

20.-21.3. Off track skiing trip in Koitere

Joensuun Latu and Joensuun Kauhojat arrange together an off track skiing trip to Kämppäsaari, Koitere, where lodging in a rental hut that fits 10-15 person. Start by carpool on Saturday at 8.00 in front of the City Library. Latu members pay 25 euros to Joensuun Kauhojat. For more information and sign up by 14.3. Kalle,

NB! Skiing tour on snow crust in Patvinsuo National Park when snow crust is hard enough to ski. For further information, contact Tuula,




20.4. Hiking basics for beginners in Lykynlampi 17.00-20.00 (2 parts)

First part of "Fall in love with hiking" -event advises on the outdoor skills needed when planning hiking, day trip or tour. You´ll get information about hiking destinations and trails in Northern Karelia. 

22.4. The other part, orienteering basics, advises to understand compass and symbols unigue to orienteering map. Theory and practise on Lykynlampi terrain. Admission fee 5 euros/event

For further information and sign up, contact Hannu,

27.4. Moomin hiking school 

Guided hiking design for children aged six to nine years. Focus on learning new skills and enjoying the nature. Meeting in Kuhasalo on Tuesdays 27.4., 4.5., 11.5. and 18.5. at 17.30-19.30. Admission fee 20 euros/members and 30 euros/non-members. Sign up at the beginning of April For more information, contact Jenna,


3.-4.5. Course for preparing outdoor meal 

Course advises how to dehydrate food and prepare outdoor meal of your own taste. We´ll enjoy meals together. Meeting place will be informed later. Admission fee 20-30 euros (space rent, cost of ingredients dehydrator). Sing up by 28.4., contact Liisa,

10.5. Meeting in Kuhamaja for new members of Joensuun Latu

We´ll meet at 18.00 in Kuhasalo cabin and listen upcoming events of Joensuun Latu. Coffee and sausage served. Sign up by 7.5.,

10.5. Dream day of outdoor activities 

See later

11.5. Cycling tours on Tuesdays at 17.00 at Tuulaaki

35-50 km cycling routes at an average speed of 18-20 km/hr. Duration 3-4 hrs depending on the route. Put your helmet on, take some pocket money for snacks and coffee. More information, contact Marjatta,

15.5. Trekking in Patvinsuo National Park - Suomunkierto

Find out later More information, contact

16.5. Cycling tour - Jaama Trail

58 km cycling tour. Start at Tuulaaki at 9.00 return by 15.00. Take your packed lunch and drink with you. Break for sausage in Häikänniemi. More information and sign up,

22.5. Hiking trip in Kaavi and Juuka 

A 6-7 km day trip to Rakkinekoski rapid and Hiiden hajurako ravine. Carpool drive, start from Joensuu at 7.30. Cost 15-20 euros including transport and coffee made over an open fire. Binding registration not later than 10.5. to Pekka, 

29.5. (-30.5.) Liperi islands kayaking tour 

A day kayaking tour appr. 20-25 km. Starting place at Joensuun Kauhojat kayak warehouse at 9.00. Return Saturday/Sunday.

Sing up by 26.5. contact Katri,

29.-30.5. Herajärvi hiking trail

A 42 km long demanding hiking trail, day distance 21 km. Lodging in Kiviniemi in a tent. Carpool drive. More information and sing up by 21.5. contact Hannu,

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