5.2., 6.2., 12.2., 19.2.(20.2.) Moomin ski schools for children in Lykynlampi Outdoor Center

Moomin family ski school for children aged 2-4 with an adult, both on own skis. On Saturdays will be two groups: from 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.30 to 11.30. Both groups can take 18 child-adult couples.

Moomin troll ski school for children aged 4-7 who are able to ski a short distance on one`s own. The program is based on plays and having fun in the snow. Skiing time from 10.00 to11.30. Maximum number of children 12.

The Hemulen skiers is for children, who master basic skiing skills. Strenghtening learned skills by other activities. Active time from 10.00 to 12.00. Maximum number of children 12. Frost limit -15 Celcius. Spare date February 20th, in case weather conditions cause events to cancel. Registration form on Joensuun Latu web page will be opened January 17th.

Fees: Moomin family ski school/family: member 20€/ non-member 30€. Moomin troll ski school and The Hemulen skiers: member 20€/ non-member 30€. You must pay fee on the first meeting. Further information annu.jantunen@gmail.com, tel. 050 301 8415.

13.2. Outdoors like a snowman in Lykynlampi Outdoor Center

Come and make snowmen for everyone`s pleasure. You can bring knit caps, scarfs etc. to put on the snowmen.

14.2.(spare days 15.-18.2.) An evening trip to Jakokoski Observatory

Visit to observatory and Planetary path. Fee 15 € member /30 € non-member, including star display and coffee. Carpool drive. Starting point Koskikatu 12, Joensuu at 17.30. Further information and sign up, hannu.melin@gmail.com, tel. 040 773 5767.

A day skating tour in Punkaharju skating route

Carpool drive, own skates. Possibility to rent skates from Joensuun Latu. Find date and time on  https://joensuunlatu.sporttisaitti.com Contact Katri, tiaikatri@gmail.com.

19.2. Snowshoeing in Paihola

Meeting point in Niemenkartanontie 4 parking place. Snowshoe tour takes 2-3 hours. Joensuun Latu has snowshoes and poles to rent. For more information, arja.anita@hotmail.com, tel.040 730 7524.

19.2. An evening torch skiing

A skiing tour starting at 17.00 on Lykynlampi terrain. Ski trips 0,3-4.0 kms. Cafeteria is open until 20.00. Detailed information, hannu.melin@gmail.com, tel. 040 773 5767.

21.2. Basics of bicycles maintenance (Torikatu 28)

You´ll get acquainted with patcing bicycle rubber, chain tightening and lubrication. Fee 15 € member/ 30 € non-member. You can bring your own bike with you. Sign up by 15th February, hannu.melin@gmail.com, tel. 040 773 5767.