Moomin ski schools (open for all)

Moomin family ski school on Saturday 3 February, Saturday 10 February and Saturday 17 February at 9.30-11.30. Moomin family ski school is for children of 2-5 years of age, together with an adult, both with skies. We learn basic skills of skiing together with Moomin.

We can take 20 child-adult couples in the Moomin family ski school.

Moomin troll ski school on Saturday 3 February, Saturday 4 February, Saturday 10 February and Saturday 17 February at 10-11.30. For children aged 4-7 who can ski a short distance on one’s own.

We learn more basic skills of skiing by playing. Moomin will also guide us to sliding techniques.

We can take 8-15 children to Moomin troll ski school, depending on the number of instructors available.

In case of more than one ski school day must be cancelled due to weather conditions, the additional ski school is Sunday 18 February.

Registration to Moomin family ski school and to Moomin troll ski school will be opened on Saturday, 13 January, on Joensuun Latu website. Please follow the website and register quickly. The ski schools are very popular and get full soon.

Participation fees:

Moomin family ski school: members for free, non-members 30 e/family

Moomin troll ski school: members for free, non-members 30 e/child.

For more information, please contact Eija Sollo, eija.sollo@pp.inet.fi, tel. 0500 950996

 * * *

Snowshoeing in Pyörteenvaara, Paihola (open for all)

On Saturday, 17 February we make an easy snowshoeing trip in Pyörteenvaara, in Paihola. Let’s meet at 10 am at the parking place of the summer cafeteria Kakkulaituri, address: Niemenkartanontie 4, Paihola). Bring snowshoes, poles and snack with you. We will be snowshoeing for about 2 hours.

Members of Joensuun Latu can loan snowshoes and poles from the society. Please see the online loaning system at Joensuun Latu website: https://joensuunlatu.johku.com/

 For more information, please contact Arja Manninen, arja.anita@hotmail.com, p. 040 730 7524

 * * *

Skiing in the light of torches (open for all)

On a dark Saturday evening, on 17 February, come and ski in the light of torches at 17-20 in Lykynlampi! Torches light the skiing tracks of 1-3 kilometers in the forest, and the short skiing track next to Lykynlampi parking place.

Maybe you will see Moomin on the skiing tracks too!

Lykynlampi saunas are warm between 12-19, and the cafeteria has extended opening hours until 20 o’clock. 

For more information, please contact Hannu Melin, hannu.melin@gmail.com, p. 040 773 5767

 * * *

Outdoors like a snowman (open for all)

On 17-18 February we make snowmen again at Lykynlampi! On Saturday, 17 February, we exercise by preparing snow cubic, and on Sunday, 18 February, we make the snowman. Come to have fun with the whole family! You may bring clothes for the snowmen: caps, scarfs etc.

* * * 

Bus transportation to Koli Scenic Ski (Kolin maisemahiihto)

Joensuun Latu organizes a bus transportation to the most beautiful ski trek in Finland, Koli Scenic Ski, on Saturday, 24 February.

The bus leaves from the bus stop on Kirkkokatu street, in front of Joensuu art museum, at 8 am. The bus returns from Koli around 5.30 pm. At Koli, the bus parks at Koli Village Seurojentalo, address Merilänrannantie 4 C, Koli.

Price: Joensuun Latu members for free, non-members 15 euro two-way ticket. Only cash payment in the bus.

Please register for the bus trip by 19 February on the Joensuun Latu website.

For registration fees for Koli Scenic Ski, please see the website of the event: http://www.maisemahiihto.fi/ilmoittaudu.html

For more information on the bus transportation, please contact Marjatta Partanen, marjatta.partanen@gmail.com, p. 050 341 7940

For more information on the Koli Scenic Ski, please visit the event website: http://www.maisemahiihto.fi/

* * *

Pop-up Ski Café at Kuhamaja

If and when the ice on lake Pyhäselkä is thick enough for skiing tracks, we will open a pop-up Ski Café at Kuhamaja. In the Café, you can buy e.g. juice and coffee at very reasonable prices. To save the nature, bring your own cup!

You may also eat your own snack and roast your own sausages on the open fire in the Café.

Please follow the Joensuun Latu website and Facebook page for the opening times of the Ski Café at Kuhamaja.