Winter cycling competition 1 January – 29 February 2024

Joensuun Latu participates in the Winter cycling competition 2024 on 1 January – 29 February.  Join the Joensuun Latu Team and enjoy winter cycling!

Winter cycling competition is a playful competition, in which all team members record the cycling kilometers. The team with the highest number of kilometers wins.

Register to Joensuun Latu team. The team name is Joensuun Latu, and the code for registration is JnsLatuT24

For more information, please contact: Sinikka Saavalainen, sinsaavalainen@gmail.com

* * *

Flea market for hiking and sport equipment on 6-7 January at Lykynlampi

Do you have hiking or sport equipment that you do not need any more? Bring them to Lykynlampi to the flea market on 6–7 January! At the same time, make flea market discoveries yourself. Only cash payment!

Bring the items on Satuerday 6 Jan at 10. The flea market is open from 11 onwards on Saturday and Sunday, until the cafeteria closes. On Sunday, pick up your equipment that was not sold, by 4 pm.

For more information, please contact: Jukka Nieminen, j.niemi@hotmail.com

* * *

Let’s try wool sock running!

Wool sock running is the winter version of barefoot running. Temperature -5 or below. Let’s run in wool socks together when the weather conditions are suitable. Follow the Joensuun Latu website and Facebook for times and places.

Put on several wool socks.  The toes will not be cold!

 For more information, please contact: Sointu Hyttinen, sointu.hyttinen@gmail.com

 * * *

Exercising together in the forest (open for all)

After the opening of the New Year, we spend four Tuesday afternoons together and exercise in the forest. These afternoons are targeted especially for people 65+, but we don’t check the identity card.

The timetable and meeting places are:

-         9 Jan at 13 at Vesikko Swimming hall, street address Uimarintie 1

-         23 Jan at 13 the parking place at Utransaaret, street address: Utransaarentie 90

-         6 Feb at 13 at Lykynlampi, in front of the cafeteria

-         20 Feb at 13 at the parking place in Kuhasalo, street address: Kukkosensaari 5

 Please dress warmly (rather several layers) and wear good shoes. Please bring your own snack and warm drinks. We will have breaks at campfire places. Remember to take the underlay for sitting during the breaks, and an extra coat for the breaks.

We use carpools to get to meeting places outside the town center. If you need a car ride, or can offer one, please inform Tuula, thturunen@gmail.com 

No pre-registration needed.

These afternoons are organized by Tuula Turunen, Martti Sivonen, Marjatta Partanen and Terttu Hytti.

  * * *

Info on upcoming hiking and trekking activities on 13 January at 13 at Lykynlampi

Members of Joensuun Latu hiking and trekking group introduce the upcoming hiking trips nearby Joensuu, hiking trips to Lapland in autumn and first snow skiing week in Lapland in early December! Welcome to hear more!

  * * *

Skiing shoe disco on 14 January at 13-15 at Lykynlampi (open for all)

On Sunday afternoon, 14 January, the Lykynlampi cafeteria is a skiing shoe disco. DJ Taku plays the coolest hits of the snow season for the whole family! Dance style is free – traditional or skating style, as you wish!

Warm up on skiing tracks, take a munkki and kaakao in the cafeteria, and let´s dance!

  * * *

Test snowshoes for the whole family (open for all)

Welcome to test snowshoes for the whole family on 20 January at 11-15 in Lykynlampi!

For more information, please contact Kirsi Soikkeli, kirsi.soikkeli64@gmail.com, p.  044 548 5832

  * * *

Skiing school for adults

On 23-24 January and 30-31 January at 18.30-20 at Joensuu Laulurinne.

Come and learn traditional and/or skating style skiing in the skiing school for adults, organized jointly with Joensuun Hiihto-Kataja society. In the school, there are groups for beginners and more advanced skiers. On 23-24 January we learn traditional style skiing technique, and on 30-31 January skating style technique. If you do not have own skies, you can loan them from Hiihto-Kataja. The teachers in the school are the skiing coaches and instructors of Hiihto-Kataja.

Mininum number of participants is five, maximum 30. Price 70 euro for the members of Joensuu Latu or Hiihto-Kataja, for non-members 90 euro.

In case the temperature is below -15 C, or we do not have snow, the school is not organized.

Register here: LINKKI

For more information, please contact: Ilari Nissinen, ilari.nissinen@hotmail.com, p. 0440 102 396

  * * *

Is it too cold for snowshoeing? Not at all!

Snowshoeing trip on 27 January starting at 10 am at Lykynlampi. Bring with you the snowshoes, warm clothing, and warm drink. We will make a shorter or longer trip on snowshoes in the forest of Lykynlampi, depending on how we wish. After snowshoeing in the fresh winter air, a Lykynlampi munkki and kaakao is highly recommended.  Take some money for that with you.

No registration needed.

For more information, please contact Pilvi Tapio, pilvi.tapio@hotmail.com, p. 044 982 9654