16.9. A day trip to Petkeljärvi National Park 
Start at 8.00 Kirkkokatu at Joensuu Art Museum. Return by 17.00. There are three routes (20km, 12km, 8 km) to choose on an esker terrain. Take own snacks with you. Price of the tour 40€ including transport, guiding, sauna and soup. Cash payment. Sign up by
14.9., info@future-club or Asko Timoskainen,, tel. 0400 576303. Report special diets.

23.9. A day trip to Koli National Park
Start at 8.30 Kirkkokatu at Joensuu Art Museum. Return by 15.30. There are two routes to choose. 1.4 km trail is demanding, 3.1 km is more difficult because of the varied terrain and rooty, rocky trail. Sign by 18.9.,, tel. 044 235 1981. Take own snacks with you. Cash payment 25 € includes transport,
guiding and open fire coffee.

30.9. A day trip to Juuka (Kuohunkierto and Wilderness Church)
Start at 8.00 Koskikatu 12, Joensuu Sport House. Carpool drive. A 5 km trail on a petland. Walk on duckboard leads to Wilderness Church. The trail is classified as demanding. More information and sign up by 27.9., Liisa,, tel. 040 829 4239