Joensuun Latu

Joensuun Latu is an organization promoting outdoor activities. It is a regional club operating mainly in Joensuu area. We cooperate closely with other clubs and organizations. We have more than 2800 members. Our summer activities include: 

  • trekking,
  • kayaking
  • cycling
  • trail running
  • winter time:
  • skiing off track and on ski trails
  • snow shoe walking
  • tour skating/ nordic ice skating

Member benefits: As a member you can hire collection of trekking equipment at a reasonable cost, for example tents, hammocks, rucksacks, storm cookers, kayaks, fatbikes, snowshoes, sliding snowshoes, ski poles, nordic skate blades and sledges.

Suomen Ladun jäsenedut 

Member discounts in Joensuu: