4.3.   National Ski Day All in Finland go skiing

6.3. Photo night Joensuu City Library 18.00-20.00 (Koskikatu 25)

Topics 1) Hiking in Switzerland 2) Climbing Kilimanjaro

11.3. Headlight skiing on the lake Pyhäselkä

Ski trip on the lake ice towards the island Pyhäsaari, ten kilometers away from Joensuu. There is a campfire and coffee available 18-20. A payment in cash. Take your own coffee mug with you. See more Weather reservation. More information,, tel. 040 773 5767

12.3. A ski tour on the lake Pyhäselkä

The tracks on the lake 20-60 km. See more and follow information Weather reservation! Take your own coffee mug with you. More information,, tel. 040 773 5767

Skiing on snow crust in Patvinsuo

A 15-20 km ski trip on snow crust. Have warm clothes, snacks and hot drink with you. Carpool ride, meeting at 7.00 Koskikatu 12. Return to Joensuu by 17.00. See more Further information and sign up,, tel. 050 372 6242