Cycling competition on 1 May – 30 September 2024

After the playful winter cycling competition, starts the summer cycling competition. Joensuun Latu participates again in this national event – join the Joensuu Latu team!

Guidelines for registration will be published in spring on Joensuun Latu website and newsletter.

For more information, please contact Sinikka Saavalainen,, p. 050 343 7735 

 * * *

Clear your mind in trail running together (open for all)

In May, we start trail runs on Monday evenings, from one hour to one and half hours per evening.  Trails are kind to your muscles and joints, as every step is different, and the ground is usually soft. The uneven ground and differences in height demands every muscle to work. Trail running clears your mind of daily issues.

During these trail running evenings, we study the trail running techniques, explore the nearby areas and trail running paths. 

For more information, please contact Sointu Hyttinen,, p. 050 368 1961

 * * * 

New members’ evening

Come and learn on Joensuun Latu activities, and enjoy coffee cooked on open fire. New members’ evening takes place on 6 May at 17-19 at Kuhamaja in Kuhasalo.

Please register by 29 April to Merja Mustonen, secretary of Joensuun Latu, by email, or by phone 040 832 7795.

 * * *

Evening cycling tours (open for all)

Let’s cycle together on Tuesday evenings, 35-50 km cycling routes at average speed of 18-20 km/h. We start at 17.00 at Tuulaaki, Summer Restaurant, address Rantakatu 2. We will be back at Tuulaaki around 20-21. Put your helmet on, take some snacks and drink with you, and some pocket money for coffee etc, if we stop in a cafeteria.

No pre-registration., but weather reservation! We inform on cancellation on Joensuun Latu website and on Facebook.

Planned routes:

7 May Mattisenlahti, Ollilan tupa, for more information, please ontact Marjatta Partanen, email:, tel. 050 341 7940

14 May Kantakaupungin kierto, for more information, please contact Hannu Melin email, tel.. 040 773 5767

21 May Kontiolahden satama, for more information, please contact Merja Mustonen, email., tel.. 040 832 7795

28 May Niittylahti–Suhmura, for more information, please contact Hannu Melin, email, tel. 040 773 5767

 * * *

Fall in love with hiking (open for all)

15 May at 17-20 at Sports Institute of Eastern Finland, ISLO

Would you like to start hiking? Have you already made day hiking trips, and would now like to hike longer trips and overnight in the forest?

Join the Fall in love with hiking one evening course on 15 May at the Sports Institute of Eastern Finland, ISLO, address: Länsikatu 15. In the course, we study on how to plan a safe hiking trip, how to prepare for the night in the forest and how to prepare food. We also explore hiking equipment.

Course price is 10 e for Joensuun Latu members, 20 e for non-members.

Please register by 6 May, using the online form on Joensuun Latu website. The course takes place if there are at least five registrations. Maximum number of registrations is 12.

Trainers on the course are Pilvi Tapio and Minna Päivinen.

If you wish to test the skills learned on this course, join us on the hiking trip to Pirhu kierto on 8-9 June. Please see more information on Pirhun Kierto on June events. And please note that you must register for Pirhun Kierto hiking trip separately.

For more information, please contact Pilvi Tapio, email,, tel. 044 982 9654, or Minna Päivinen, email, tel. . 040 704 5535

 * * *

Church boat rowing every Wednesday, starting on 15 May (open for all)

Future Club association organizes rowing training every Wednesday in the summer. The first church boat rowing in summer 2024 is on 15 May, starting at Hasanniemi.

Church boat rowing is free of charge, and open for all.

For more information, please contact Asko Timoskainen, tel. 0400 576 303.

 * * *

Suomun kierto hiking trip on 18 May (open for all)

The traditional spring hiking trip organized by Future Club association, takes this year place at Suomujärvi in Lieksa. Suomujärvi locates in Patvinsuo National Park.

This one day hiking trip of 16 kilometres is open for all. After hiking, you can enjoy sauna at Suomujärvi.

The bus leaves from the bus stop on Kirkkokatu street, in front of Joensuu art museum at 8 am on 18 May.

Price: 35 euro.

For more information and to register, please contact or Asko Timoskainen, tel. 0400 576 303

 * * *

Would you like to be a trail running instructor? Training coming up in May!

This training includes both an online course and face-to-face meeting. The online course material must be studied before the meeting. The meeting takes place on 25 May at 10-17 at Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium (address: Napakympintie 24).

The course fee is paid when registering. The fee is 120 e for members of Suomen Latu (e.g. Joensuun Latu), for non-members 150 e.

Joensuun Latu may pay the course fee, if you already guide trail running evenings of Joensuu Latu, or commit to guide trail running at Joensuun Latu. Please discuss this with Sointu Hyttinen before registering to the course (Sointu Hyttinen,, tel. 050 368 1961).

 * * *

Hiking on Carelia Path

On 26 May, hike on Carelian Paths in Kitee, will offer spruce forests, eskers, lakes, and nature attractions. Due to differences in height, this hiking day is rather demanding.

We travel to Kitee by carpools, starting at 9 am from the bus stop at the Joensuu Sports Hall (urheilutalo in Finnish), street address: Koskikatu 12.  Take your own snack and drinks with you.

For more information and to register, please contact Liisa Oura,, p. 040 829 4239 (rather via email or Whatsapp).