Cycling competition 

The summer cycling competition started on 1 May and continues until the end of September. Join the Joensuu Latu team in this playful competition at www.kilometrikisa. Team name is Joensuun Latu ry. Participation code is JnsLatuK24.

 For more information, please contact Sinikka Saavalainen, sinsaavalainen@gmail.com, p. 050 343 7735


Trail running together

Our joint trail running evenings continue on Monday evenings, starting at 18.00, from one hour to one and half hours per evening.  Running on trails is kind to your muscles and joints, as every step is different, and the ground is usually soft. The uneven ground and differences in height demands every muscle to work. Trail running clears your mind of daily issues.

During these trail running evenings, we study the trail running techniques, explore the nearby areas and trail running paths. 

The meeting place for every Monday is published on Joensuun Latu website, on monthly newsletters (sent by email), and on the Facebook-page of Itä-Suomen polkuilijat.

For more information, please contact Sointu Hyttinen, sointu.hyttinen@gmail.com, p. 050 368 1961


Church boat rowing every Wednesday at 6 pm

Future Club association organizes rowing training every Wednesday starting at 6 pm. The meeting place is in Hasanniemi, Länsiviitta 2. We row either to Lake Pyhäselkä or on the Pielisjoki river.

The last rowing travel will be on Monday 14 August. Then we will row on the river to Utransaaret and enjoy some snacks there by open fire.

Church boat rowing is free of charge, and it is open to all. Weather reservation!

For more information, please contact Asko Timoskainen, tel. 0400 576 303, Kimmo Kurvinen, p. 0400 920 412.


A biking trip to Theatre in Jakokoski on 21 July 2024

Let’s bike together to see a theater presentation in Jakokoski on 21 July 2024.

We will meet in front of Tuulaaki (Rantakatu 2) at 11.30. We will bike via Selkie and Mönni to Jakokoski, approximately 36 km. After the theater presentation we will bike via Uuro back to Joensuu, 32 km.

Put your helmet on. Take some snacks and drink with you, and some pocket money for coffee. There are several places on the way to buy snacks and coffee. You will also need money to pay for the entrance ticket to the theatre.

Information on the theatre play is available on the theatre website (only in Finnish): Kontiolahden Kanavateatteri

Tickets: 23 €, pensioners and unemployed 20 €. Weather reservation. In case of bad weather, we will bike to the theatre on Sunday 4 August.

For more information and to register, please contact Merja Mustonen, mustonenmerjam@gmail.com, tel. 040 832 7795


Karelia Rowing Tour on 23-26 July 2024

Karelia Rowing Tour is the biggest long-distance rowing event in Finland. It has been held annually 35 times, each year attracting over 500 participants. The route for small boats is from Petkeljärvi to Joensuu from Tuesday 23 July to Saturday 27 July.  Church boat route is Rääkkylä-Liperi-Rääkkylä from Friday 26 July to Saturday 27 July.

Future Club team participates in the event with a church boat. Single places in the boat are still available. Please contact Asko Timoskainen, p. 0400 576 303, Kimmo Kurvinen, p. 0400 920 41 or by email at info@future-club.fi