Cycling competition

The summer cycling competition started on 1 May and continues until the end of September. Join the Joensuu Latu team in this playful competition at www.kilometrikisa. Team name is Joensuun Latu ry. Participation code is JnsLatuK24.

For more information, please contact Sinikka Saavalainen,, p. 050 343 7735


Church boat rowing every Wednesday at 6 pm

Future Club association organizes rowing training every Wednesday starting at 6 pm. The meeting place is in Hasanniemi, Länsiviitta 2. We row either to Lake Pyhäselkä or on the Pielisjoki river.

The last rowing travel will be on Monday 14 August. Then we will row on the river to Utransaaret and enjoy some snacks there by open fire.

Church boat rowing is free of charge, and it is open to all. Weather reservation!

For more information, please contact Asko Timoskainen, tel. 0400 576 303, Kimmo Kurvinen, tel. 0400 920 412.


Trail running together

Our joint trail running evenings continue on Monday evenings, starting at 18.00, from one hour to one and half hours per evening.  Running on trails is kind to your muscles and joints, as every step is different, and the ground is usually soft. The uneven ground and differences in height demands every muscle to work. Trail running clears your mind of daily issues.

During these trail running evenings, we study the trail running techniques, explore the nearby areas and trail running paths. 

The meeting place for every Monday is published on Joensuun Latu website, on monthly newsletters (sent by email), and on the Facebook-page of Itä-Suomen polkuilijat.

For more information, please contact Sointu Hyttinen,, p. 050 368 1961


Evening cycling tours (open for all)

Let’s cycle together on Tuesday evenings, 35-50 km cycling routes at average speed of 18-20 km/h. We start at 17.00 at Tuulaaki, Summer Restaurant, address Rantakatu 2. We will be back at Tuulaaki around 20-21. Put your helmet on, take some snacks and drink with you, and some pocket money for coffee etc, if we stop in a cafeteria.

No pre-registration, but weather reservation! We inform on cancellation on Joensuun Latu website and on Facebook.

Planned routes:

-         6 August Kuorinka summer cafeteria and beach. For more information, please contact Marjatta Partanen,, p. 050 341 7940

-         13 August Kunnasniemi beach. There are no services on the beach, so bring you own snack. For more information, please contact Merja Mustonen,, p. 040 832 7795

-         20 August Särkivaara. Possibility to buy coffee and snacks in Reijola. For more information, please contact Sinikka Saavalainen,, p. 050 343 7735

-         27 August Around the airport, Visit to Junkers World War II dugout. Please bring your own snack, no cafeteria services on the way. For more information, please contact Pekka Laakkonen,, p. 0500 192 469 Lisää Junkers-korsun linkki


Marathon canooing

Joensuun Kauhojat, the local canooing club, organizes a 40 kilometre Marathon canooin on 10 August. The planned place is lake Höytiäinen. Members of Joensuun Latu are welcome to join!

For beginners, a 20 km route is available.

Sauna after the Marathon!

The marathon is lead by Frank Berninger,

For more information, please contact Joensuun Kauhojat at


Introduction to Samota Running® (open for all)

Welcome to explore Samota Running on 11 August at 12.30-15.00 at Lykynlampi!

Samota running (called also löytölenkkeily in Finnish) is a new form of sport, invented here in North-Karelia. The idea of Samota running is that you always walk, run, ski or bike to a new place, in order to find meaningful places for yourself, and to arouse your curiosity.

On the introduction day in Lykynlampi we mainly walk. Please bring your mobile phone, clothes with long sleeves and legs, gloves and some snack. Our guide to Samota Running is Heikki Immonen, the developer of Samota Running and a member of Joensuu Latu.

After the introduction day, those interested can participate in Samota Running training. Suomen Latu offers training for the members of Joensuun latu and their family members, including children. First 10 registrees get a Samota Running guide book.

Please register to the introduction day by 2 August at, (if you have questions, please contact Heikki via WhatsApp or SMS, tel. 045 114 9159). The introduction day is free of charge for the members of Joensuun Latu and their famile mebers. For other, the price is 25 e (inlc. VAT 10 %).


Hiking trip to Kuivi at Kevo National Park

One week hiking trip on 17-24 August. Kuivi route is a 90 kilometre, demanding hiking route at Kevo National park.

Currently there are maximum number of registrations. You can contact Hannu Melin for waiting list, email, tel. 040 773 5767


Joen yö Canooing

Joen yö festival takes place on 23 August. Member of Joensuun Latu are welcome to join the Joen yö canooing, organized by Joensuun Kauhojat. Easy-going evening canooing! For more information, please contac Joensuun Kauhojat at


Summer hiking day in Patvinsuo national park

One day hiking trip on 24 August at Patvinsuo national park. Årogramme:

-         Arrival at the Patvinsuo info center

-         Welcoming coffee

-         Introduction to Patvinsuo national park

-         Guided tour in the park. Two alternative routes. For kids, one kilometre route.

Please bring your own snack. You may also buy snacks at the Patvinsuo info center. 

We drive back to Joensuu, when we feel like doing it!

Please register by 17 August by contacting Helena Turkki,, tel. 040 827 6927

For more information on this hiking day and carpools to Patvinsuo, please contact

Marjatta Partanen,, tel. 050 341 7940


Steps to family outdoor activities -training (only for members)

On 24 August at 10-14 at Lykynlampi training on family outdoor activities.  

In this training, you will be introduced to outdoor activities for families and how to promote it. You get ideas and tips for family outdoor activities.

If you are interested in offering outdoor activities and experiences for families, this could be training for you. The training is free of charge.

Please register to training by 7 August at the website of Suomen Latu:

For more information, please contact Mari Parikka-Nihti,, tel. 050 544 1611, Marjatta Partanen,, tel. 050 341 7940


Moomin camping school (open for all)

Moomin camping school takes place on 27 August, 3 September, 10 September and 17 September in Kuhasalo.

Moomin camping school has four meetings in the autumn (for meetings we had in the spring). Camping school is for children aged 6–9. In the school, we explore nature and learn skills for camping through playful exercises.

We can take 12 kids to the Moomin camping school. Registration opens on 5 August on Joensuu Latu website.

To those registered, we send more information on Moomin camping school before the school starts.

The Moomin camping school is free of charge for the members of Joensuun Latu. For nonmembers the participation fee is 30 euro.

More for information, please contact Kirsi Soikkeli,, tel. 044 548 5832.


Hiking from Ala-Salmilampi to Kolvananuuro (open for all)

On 31 August, let’s go hiking from Ala-Salmilampi to Kolvananuuro. The total hiking is 15-20 km, in Kolvananuuro the path is demanding.

We can have breaks by the open fire (if there is no wildfire warning). Please wear clothes according to weather, and good shoes. Poles are recommended. Take your own snack with you. We travel by carpool.

For more information and to register, please contact Juha Tiainen,