22.10. Late evening hiking

Meeting point in Taskisentie/Napakympintie parking place at 19.00. Dress according to the weather, sturdy shoes, head lamp and snacks. Duration appr. 3 hrs. Along the 6 km route there is a campfire site. Weather reservation! Additional information and sign up by 18.10., contact Tuula, thturunen@gmail.com, tel. 050 372 6242

24.10. Photo night from 17-19 Joensuu main library, Koskikatu 25 Topic: The history of Joensuun Latu since the 50s. Additional information eija.sollo@pp.inet.fi, tel.0500 950996

 28.10. Late evening family walk on Lykynlampi terrain

Enjoy the walk in the dimmy forest. On marked routes you´ll find some puzzle to solve. Take own snacks. Advanced enrollment by mid of October. See more www.joensuunlatu.sporttisaitti.com More information, contact Kirsi kirsi.soikkeli64@gmail.com, tel 044 5485832