Trail running in Joensuu environment at 18.00

Uphill-downhill technique. Running on Mondays at 18.00, starting point is written on and on Facebook Itä-Suomen polkuilijat-group in April-May. More information Laura Pastinen, p. 050 405 7881.

 2.5. and 3.5. Basics of orienteering in Lykynlampi outdoor center

On the course is practiced map reading and the use a compass. Both evening are equal. Fee member 10€, non-member 20€. More information and sign up by April 25th,, tel. 040 773 5767.

 4.-5.5. Tour food course in Lykynlampi outdoor center

We´ll learn drying food in a dryer and make tasty tour food. Meeting Tuesday and Wednesday at 17.00. Fee: member 35€, non-member 50€ including all costs. Maximum participants 10. Registration form opens in April on Joensuun Latu website. Reservation is valid after payment Joensuun Latu FI 27 5770 0520 0613 64. More information,

 10.5. Dream day for outdoor activities in Kuhasalo

Meeting in Kuhasalo parking place at 17.30. Come and see renovated Kuhasalo recreational area. Joensuun Latu offers coffee and bun to celebrate 10th birthday of Kuhamaja. Sign up by May 9th,, tel. 050 372 6242.

11.5. Church boat rowing

Future Club organises rowing training on Wednesdays and Sundays at 18.00 until the mid of August. Starting point at Hasanniemi kayak store. More information,, tel.  0400 375070

11.5. Fall in love with hiking in Lykynlampi outdoor center

Interested in hiking, without any experience or daring to go on an hiking tour? Hiking basics for beginners. Advises on the outdoor skills needed. Fee: 10€ member, 20€ non.member includes food and coffee. Sign up by May 4th,, tel. 040 7735767.

14.5. Hiking tour in Patvinsuo National Park

See more in May on the website of Future Club and Joensuun Latu. Further information,, tel. 0400 375 070.

15.5. Hiking tour on Karelianpolut Tohmajärvi

A day hiking and getting to know plants on Karelianpolut trail. We visit Piilovaara nature reserve and Kirkkoniemi. Departure with carpooling at 8.00 from Joensuu. Maximum participants 12. Sign up by May 11th,, tel. 0500 947 202.

Cycling tours on Tuesdays at 17.00 starting at Tuulaaki. 35-50 km cycling routes at an average speed of 18-20 km/hr. Duration 3-4 hrs depending on the route. Put your helmet on, take some pocket money for snacks and coffee. Weather reservation! More information,, tel. 050 341 7940. 15.5. Mattisenlahti (Ollilan tupa) / 24.5. Särkivaara 31.5. Kontioranta-Uuro

21.5. Hiking in Petkeljärvi National Park

 A 12 km hiking tour along eskers, meadows and on the shore off the ponds. Mostly easy to go trail. Carpool drive at 8.30 from Koskikatu 12. Bring your own snacks, dressing according to the weather. More information and sign up by May 15th,

26.-29.5. Hiking Teljo-Ruunaa

Day trips 11-22 km, hiking with day backpack. Service car transports goods. Tent accommodation. Maximum participants 14 members of Joensuun Latu. Starting point at 7.00 from Koskikatu 12. Sign up by May 15th, tel. 050 372 6242.

28.-29.5. Fall in love with hiking on Herajärvi trail

A 30 km hiking is a part of Herajärvi trail. Carpool drive, tent accommodation. Meeting before the trip. Further information and sign up by May 20th,, tel. 040 773 5767